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Friday, September 23, 2011

Regency Christmas Card#2, 2011

Original Fashion Print
For this Regency Christmas Card I perused several Photoshop Tutorials on making a picture of an Ice Sculpture... they were either too complicated (30steps!), or the required filter  (3-D filter, scowl :-(  ) wasn't working on my computer.  So I've been "fooling around" switching between the easy Photoshop Elements and the slightly harder Photoshop CS4.  This Ice Sculpture came out quite realistic, I think, though it should be just a little bit more opaque.

I am working on stylizing the Brighton Pavilion background... adding snowflakes, that sort of thing.  Also, I think I'll write down the various steps I used and hope to repeat the process and results!

Ironically, the least realistic item in the picture is the ice cube the lady is posing on- and it is a photo of a real ice cube.

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