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Monday, February 27, 2012

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Regency Christmas Card

And here I have an elegant Regency (actually "Empire" since its a Fashion Print from Costume Parisien) Gentleman.  I'm getting the knack.  Turning the print into "ice" works better if there is a bit less detail in the picture. I've skipped the "3-D" filter but used the "Emboss".  Then there are "Glass" filters and the "Transparency" layer option, along with "screen" and "color burn" layers.

Friday, September 23, 2011

Regency Christmas Card#2, 2011

Original Fashion Print
For this Regency Christmas Card I perused several Photoshop Tutorials on making a picture of an Ice Sculpture... they were either too complicated (30steps!), or the required filter  (3-D filter, scowl :-(  ) wasn't working on my computer.  So I've been "fooling around" switching between the easy Photoshop Elements and the slightly harder Photoshop CS4.  This Ice Sculpture came out quite realistic, I think, though it should be just a little bit more opaque.

I am working on stylizing the Brighton Pavilion background... adding snowflakes, that sort of thing.  Also, I think I'll write down the various steps I used and hope to repeat the process and results!

Ironically, the least realistic item in the picture is the ice cube the lady is posing on- and it is a photo of a real ice cube.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Blogging will resume in a week or so

-so many Family Situations to deal with! 13 year old girl with health & school problems.... things are working out, thank Goodness.

Anyhow, I am posting this link to Royal Wedding Gowns (It was posted it at Austen Only Blog, which I heartily reccommend!)  This Youtube and others on the same page are very interesting and a pleasure to behold.

I think the pink dress used as my Avitar would make a fabulous wedding dress for any one at any time in History.  Imagine the Bride in pale pink or ivory, her maids of honor in the same dress, different color underdress!

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Work in Progress

After working for 2 days on the face, this lady has a very sweet smile.

I've been working on cleaning up a Costume Parisien fashion plate.  The plate is in bad condition; it looks as tho the person doing the water-color wash accidentally smeared it, or spilled something on it.  The original engraving must have come out a bit odd; giving the lady's face a sort of negative-racoon-look!

Its taking me awhile because I'm trying to get results that look a lot like the original intent.  Otherwise, I'd just sketch it by hand.  Which I may do anyway, just for fun.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Costume Parisien, Ackermann's, Regency Christmas Cards

Adaptation of the best TOS cover. Orig cover was pretty damaged, but not hard to fix.  

Scan of Sprig Muslin cover, also "cleaned up"

Christmas Card

Just playing around

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Bonnets, Hats, and Caps

I'm currently working on a post showing bonnets etc.  One of the originals is in really poor condition and taking some time to clean up without destroying details.  The caps are very interesting -more detailed and elaborate than I had imagined when reading Heyer or other Romance authors.  I enjoy doing this, it is a great stress-reliever, and I get a lot of practice with Photoshop.  Just got a new version (my previous one was 8 years old! Practically from the Stone Age!) and I'm playing with it.  Its a "student" version from England, so a bit different from American versions, I think. Anyway, its fun.  I can always use Photoshop Elements if things get too complicated for me!  I may post a few photos of "Georgian" and "Regency" jewelery: NOT owned by myself, of course.  

I do have a beautiful miniature from the Regency era, of a beautiful lady posed somewhat like the Empress Josephine.  I don't want to remove it from the frame, so it'll take a bit of work to get a good scan thru the glass.

Most of the pictures I post are in my Screensaver's folder, and my computer rotates thru them at random.

I keep meaning to post more links to Regency/Fashion/Austen sites.  One of these days!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Georgian (or Bourbon) Era Etchings

"After the Soire" and La Dame Du Palais De La Reine

Bourbon Era Fashion Etching

Bourbon Era Fashion Etching

Bourbon Era Fashion Etching

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Gallery of Fashion, 1790-1822 Batsford Colour Books

Some scanned colour plates from the Batsford Book.  From the cover flap:

"More than half of the colour plates from this volume are taken from Heideloff's Gallery of Fashion.  His plates are among the masterpieces of the English School of aquatints; curiously little other work is known by him...

Gallery of Fashion Title Pages and Plate #1

Gallery of Fashion Georgian era/Regency Fashion -Court Gowns
Gallery of Fashion Georgian Fashion
Gallery of Fashion Georgian/Regency Fashion
Gallery of Fashion Georgian/Regency Fashion

 ..The other plates are a selection from the fashion plates in Ackermann's Repository of Arts, published from 1809-1828. These plates are dated 1822."

Gallery of Fashion, Ackermann's Regency Fashion

Gallery of Fashion Court Dress

Gallery of Fashion  Regency/Georgian Fashion

Gallery of Fashion  Regency Fashion Plates

Gallery of Fashion  Regency Fashion Plates